Some Research on Tumblr (on Tumblr)



A just-published article from MIT Technology Review called, “The Anatomy of a Forgotten Social Network,” discusses research on Tumblr from research scientists on our Search and Anti-Abuse team.

Find out what the average Tumblr post length is, how long the “average distance” between two users is, and many more fascinating insights.

Read the article here and get the full paper, “What is Tumblr: A Statistical Overview and Comparison,” here.


For your convenience, a reading of today’s Staff Blog post.

The smile of a loved one. Your childhood blanket. A handsome bodyguard to take you in his arms. “Security” can mean a lot of things in this crazy life, but nothing says “security” like Tumblr’s two-factor authentication. It’s available as an option in your Settings page as of right now.

You know how you need two keys to launch a nuclear missile? Two-factor authentication works like that. One key is your password, the other key is your cellular phone, and you need both to access your Tumblr Dashboard.

Keep your Dashboard safe and secure, like you do with your nuclear missile. Learn more about two-factor authentication today.